EMBO & NIH Conference Series


The VizbiPlus project aims to improve how life science is communicated by creating exemplary scientifically-accurate animations designed to inspire and educate the public about cutting-edge biomedical research. The first three animations were released 10 April 2014 — three more are planned for late 2014.


illustration: the hungry microbiome

The Hungry Microbiome. How healthy diet and gut bacteria help prevent cancer. Created by Christopher Hammang (CSIRO, Sydney).

illustration: cancer is not one disease

Cancer Is Not One Disease. How molecular mistakes can now be detected in individual cancers. Created by Kate Patterson (Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney).

illustration: the inflammasome

Inflammation & Type 2 Diabetes. How obesity can lead to adult-onset diabetes. Created by Maja Divjak (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Melbourne).

2015 Animation Premiere - Canberra

Join us on 4 Feb 2015 at the CSIRO Discovery Centre in Canberra, or watch it live from our website. We are pleased to welcome Australia's Chief Scientist, Prof. Ian William Chubb, and a great lineup of speakers to reveal the two latest animations from our team. Details here.