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Call for submissions to iEvoBio: New methods for visualizing evolution

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

iEvoBio is short for ‘Informatics for Phylogenetics, Evolution and Biodiversity’, and is a new meeting which is being held as a satellite of the Evolution 2010 meeting which takes place in Portland, Oregon (US) this year.

iEvoBio takes place from June 29-30th and provides a forum for mathematicians, software developers, bionformaticians and evolutionary and computational biologists to discuss their work. The meeting includes a software bazaar and a challenge session, which is  focused this year on exploring new methods for the visualization of evolution.

The deadline for submissions to the iEvoBio Visualization Challenge and the Software Bazaar is 21st June 2010.

Two videos and more photos from VIZBI 2010

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Reactions to the Nature Method special issue

Friday, April 16th, 2010

In preparing the Nature Methods special issue on visualizing biological data, our goal was to create a useful resource for the experimental biology community. In the last month since it was published, there are indications that it is having an impact. It was featured prominently on the websites of Nature and Nature Biotechnology, and has also been featured on several blogs related to visualization and biology: e.g., Vizworld, Bioephemera, Timothy M. Kunau, ISPRS WG II/6 blog on Geographical Visualization and Virtual Reality, Getting Genetics Done, HENRY, Vallve’s Blog, QuimBiología, and Serialized Thoughts. In addition the special issue was covered in several FriendFeeds from Simon Cockell, Brad Chapman, and Abhishek Tiwari (who runs an interesting blog called fisheye perspective on visual analytics and bioinformatics). The issue was also covered by tweetmeme from joergkurtwegner. The PDFs from the special issue are still freely available, but I believe that soon they will be available only to Nature Methods subscribers – so best to grab them now if you want them, and tell any colleagues who may be interested.

Meetings about visualizing biological data

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Here are links to upcoming or recent meetings that include talks or sessions related to both visualization and biology. If you know of others, leave a comment or contact me and I’ll add them to this post. Eventually this post will probably evolve into a separate page.

ISMB Special Session on Network Visualization

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

ISMB 2010 in Boston will feature a special session on visualization of biological networks. The session will focus on the discussion of use cases and standardization of input and output, as well as integration of tools. More background and details about the session are available on the ISMB 2010 website.