uPy wins NVIDIA best poster award at VIZBI 2012

At VIZBI 2012 last week, the NVIDIA award for best poster was decided by popular vote; the winning poster was D18 – uPy: a ubiquitous Python API with biological modeling applications enables ePMV & autoFill by Ludovic Autin, Graham Johnson, Johan Hake, Arthur Olson, Michel Sanner from Scripps & USCF, California, USA. uPy provides a Python interface that lets users drive several computer graphics programs (Blender, Maya, Cinema4D, DejaVu) as well as two Graphical User Interface toolkits (Tkinter and Qt). The uPy group received an NVIDIA¬†Quadro 6000 professional video card, one of the world’s fastest GPUs. Congratulations!

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