Autodesk Award for Art & Biology Poster

Autodesk have offered a free Maya license for the best Art & Biology poster at VIZBI 2013. Normally retailing for $3,675, Maya is widely-used for creating interactive 3D applications, video games, animated film, TV series, and visual effects. This very generous prize is offered to participants from academics and industry alike, but cannot be resold.

Each participant can upload one scientific poster and one artistically-inspired ’Art & Biology’ poster. The award for best poster in each category will be decided by popular vote. Participants are asked to judge scientific posters based on how well they communicate work of significant biological insight or importance; the best scientific poster will be awarded the NVIDIA prize. By contrast, the criteria for assessing Art & Biology posters are subjective, so the Autodesk Award will likely go to a poster that is visually compelling and original – it may help to see Art & Biology posters from previous VIZBI meetings. Further details on poster submission and upload are here.

To allow extra time for submissions for this award, we have extended the deadline for upload of Art & Biology posters only until midnight PST, March 17 .

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