VIZBI 2013 Art & Biology Keynote Address – Felice Frankel

This year’s Art & Biology keynote address will be delivered by Felice Frankel, a renowned science photographer and a researcher in the Center for Materials Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The CSIRO-sponsored outreach keynote titled “Communicating Science Visually” will also be simulcast live to Melbourne, Australia as part of the CSIRO workshops on “Effective Visualisation for Science” and “Bioinformatics Focus on Analytical Methods”.

Working in collaboration with scientists and engineers, Felice’s images have been published in over 200 journal articles and/or covers and various other publications for general audiences such as National Geographic, Nature, Science, Angewandte Chemie, Advanced Materials, Materials Today, PNAS, Newsweek, Scientific American, Discover Magazine, and New Scientist among others. Felice foundered the IMAGE AND MEANING workshops and conferences, which promote public understanding of science through visual expression. She was principal investigator of the National Science Foundation-funded program, Picturing to Learn, which studies how visual representations aid in learning. She and her work have been often profiled in the mainstream press, and she exhibits throughout the United States and in Europe. Her limited edition photographs are included in a number of corporate and private collections.


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