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Drew Berry: Your respiration engines

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018


Thursday next week at VIZBI 2018, in his keynote talk on communicating science visually, Drew Berry from Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (Victoria, Australia) will present the latest experiments from WEHI.TV: GPU hardware and accelerated game engines to generate detailed cinematic landscapes inside our living cells. This work has expanded to deliver real-time open-world stories of mitochrondrial membranes and animated molecular engines. Further details about Drew’s talk are available at


Sean’s Cambridge Top Five

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

Seán_O'Donoghue Where to go when in Cambridge, MA? (1) Visit the Entrepreneur Walk of Fame in Kendall Square: the plaza outside the Marriott hotel has tiles honoring Thomas Edison, Hewlett-Packard Co-founders Bill Hewlett and David Packard, Genentech Cofounder Bob Swanson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Lotus founder Mitch Kapor. (2) When you arrive at the Broad, grab a screenshot of your WiFi neighbourhood and share with your friends: you’re in one of the world’s greatest technology hubs! (3) A stone’s throw from the Broad is the main office of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and just a few blocks away is the main office of Cell Press, both are worth the visit. (5) A favorite local restaurant chain is called Legal Seafoods; one is located a block away from Broad; another is in Boston Logan airport. On departure day, get to the airport early so you can get in a last lobster or Boston clam chowder before flying home.

Ivan Viola: Large-scale visualization of protein environments

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018


Thursday morning next week at VIZBI 2018, as part of the session on visualising protein data, Ivan Viola from the Technische Universität Wien (Austria) will talk on the large-scale interactive visualization of protein environments. His work uses a variety of computer graphics and visualization techniques to enable interactive navigation through molecular-scale models of entire viruses or bacteria. In coming years, he aims to scale-up these methods to encompass entire eukaryotic cells, or to allow real-time physiological simulations covering the entire lifetime of simple bacteria. Further details about Ivan’s talk – including a much higher resolution version of the image below and a short video – are available at


A little bit of VIZBI in New York

Saturday, March 17th, 2018

In the week following VIZBI 2018, some of the VIZBI team travel to the New York Genome Center to present a ‘VIZBI Showcase‘. Formerly known as VizbiPlus events, these are evening events designed to highlight the use of visualisation to communicate biological insight and discovery. The VIZBI Showcase will be on Monday, April 2, run by local host Christian Stolte, and featuring a keynote from renowned biomedical animator Gaël McGill (Harvard Medical School & Digizyme). This will be followed by short ‘lightning’ talks from local participants whose work spans life science and visual communication. It’s the perfect event to bring friends and family, and share with them the fascinating and exciting world of life science research.

The following day, April 3, there will be a smaller version of the Data Visualization Masterclass event, given New Yorkers the opportunity to learn in-depth approaches, techniques, and design issues for visualising complex data.


VIZBI 2018 session on visualizing tissues and organisms

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

The tissues and organisms session at VIZBI 2018 will be chaired by Steve Pieper (Harvard University). In this session, Richard Smith (Max Planck Institute for Plant Genetics, Germany) will speak on visualizing morphogenesis data, Lydia Gregg (Johns Hopkins University) on advances and challenges in visualizing human anatomy, and James Michaelson (Massachusetts General Hospital) will discuss micro-CT data.

Tissues and Organisms

VIZBI 2018 session on visualizing cellular systems

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

The cellular systems session at VIZBI 2018 will be chaired by John Bachman (Harvard University, USA). In this session, Bree Aldridge (Tufts University, USA) will speak about visualizing cellular responses, Devin Sullivan (KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden) on protein localization data, and Scooter Morris (UCSF, USA) will discuss tools and approaches for representing biological networks.

Cellular Systems

VIZBI 2018 session on visualizing proteins

Monday, March 12th, 2018

The protein session at VIZBI 2018 will be chaired by Gaël McGill (Harvard Medical School & Digizyme, USA). In this session, Ivan Viola (Technische Universität Wien, Austria) will discuss large scale interactive visualization of protein environments, Jodie Jenkinson (University of Toronto, Canada) will speak about molecular representations, and Sameer Velankar (PDBe, UK) will highlight the importance of visualization in databases of molecular structure.


VIZBI 2018 session on visualizing RNA data

Sunday, March 11th, 2018

The RNA session at VIZBI 2018 will be chaired by Yoseph Barash (University of Pennsylvania). In this session, Joanna Trylska (University of Warsaw, Poland) will discuss RNA structure and dynamics, Eric Lécuyer (Clinical Research Institute of Montreal, Canada) will speak about high-throughput molecular imaging, and Kristin Ardlie (Broad Institute) on RNA expression.


VIZBI 2018 session on visualizing DNA data

Saturday, March 10th, 2018

The DNA session at VIZBI 2018 will be chaired by Christian Stolte (New York Genome Center). In this session, Aaron Wong (Flatiron Institute, New York) will speak about visualization approaches to help understand genome function, Marcin Imielinski (New York Genome Center) will discuss how visualization is being used to explore the altered structure of cancer genomes, and Nils Gehlenborg (Harvard Medical School) will highlight advances in the visual exploration of 3D genome data.


VIZBI Conference Hotel

Friday, March 9th, 2018

VenueFor VIZBI and Masterclass participants, we have negotiated a limited number of rooms at a very discounted conference rate of $299 per night at Kimpton Marlowe Hotel, which is a 10 minute walk from the Broad Institute. The hotel comes highly-recommended, and many of the VIZBI speakers and organizers will be staying at the Marlowe; thus, participants are encouraged to join us there.

To take advantage of the conference rate, click this link or contact Lauren Hendy at the Marlowe (; Telephone 617-395-2556).

Poster upload extended until March 14

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

The poster upload deadline has now been extended until on 23:00 ETD on March 14, 2018. Note that the link for uploading your poster is sent after you register for the conference with Eventbrite. Click here for more details.

User Experience Design Keynote: Kim Goodwin

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

The VIZBI 2018 keynote address on user experience design will be given by Kim Goodwin. Kim has decades of experience in user research and design, leading teams of varying sizes, and teaching design & leadership skills. She led an integrated practice of interaction, visual, and industrial designers as VP & GM at Cooper for 12 years and served as VP of Product and User Experience at PatientsLikeMe. To learn more about her work, you can watch her previous talk on designing how we design.


Communicating Science Visually Keynote: Drew Berry

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

The VIZBI 2018 keynote on communicating science visually will be given by Dr. Drew Berry – a biomedical animator who combines cinema and science to reveal the microscopic worlds inside our bodies. His animations have been shown in exhibitions, multimedia programs, and television shows. He received many awards and commendations including an Emmy, a BAFTA, and the MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship. He collaborated with the musician Björk for the 2011 album Biophilia for which he directed the music video Hollow, which was also used in the Hollow app. To learn more about his work, you can watch his TEDx talk on animations on unseeable biology.