Less than 24 hours to submit posters and Art of Biology images for VIZBI 2019!

All VIZBI delegates can submit a poster and lightning talk describing their work using the link provided during registration. We also invite submissions for the VIZBI 2019 Art and Biology evening, when the compelling images created by VIZBI delegates will be unveiled. Due to popular request, we extended the deadline for submissions until 4th March, so if you are planning to submit, you don’t have much time !

Posters and Art and Biology images from this year’s meeting will be published online at the VIZBI poster gallery. The best poster(s) and Art and Biology images will be selected by popular vote from VIZBI 2019 delegates, and the winners announced during the closing session on 15th March. This year, the best VIZBI Art and Biology submissions will be awarded either the Autodesk prize: a three-year subscription to Autodesk Maya (non-transferable, valued at $4,410 USD), or a VIZBI 2019 EMBL cash prize. Scientific Poster winners will receive a VIZBI EMBL cash prize, and have the opportunity to be selected for the VIZBI PeerJ Poster Award, which entitles the winner to submit their work for free as an open access, featured publication at PeerJ.

For details on how to submit your work see your VIZBI 2019 registration confirmation email and the VIZBI 2019 poster page. The deadline for upload is March 4 at 23:00 PST.

VIZBI 2019 Autodesk Award VIZBI 2019 PeerJ Award

Autodesk Maya

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