VIZBI 2014 tutorial – ‘UCSC Genome Browser’

TheĀ UCSC Genome Browser integrates information from a wide variety of genomic resources, including gene predictions; disease associations, including HGMD, OMIM and locus-specific databases; gene-expression data; copy-number variation; comparative genomics; SNPs; HapMap data; gene-chip mappings; and histone- and DNA- modification data.

The large number of genome-wide datasets available on the Browser allows users to pursue inquiries requiring multiple lines of evidence all in one location. By allowing users the flexibility to select only those data relevant to making a particular scientific argument, the Browser allows the pursuit of inquiry-driven data analysis by displaying all pertinent information in one graphical view.

This workshop will introduce participants to functions of theĀ Genome Browser often missed by casual users, especially new features. Navigation and Browser search strategies, Custom Tracks, and the Session tool for sharing the results of inquiries with colleagues will be presented, as will export of camera-ready .pdf files for publication.

The Table Browser, a powerful tool for direct mining of the underlying data tables will be demonstrated. New functionality, including the user-hosting of new organisms and the analysis and display of user-generated variants will be demonstrated.

Participants should bring laptops and be prepared to learn the Browser by solving biological data problems.

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